Online Consult

Get clinically approved advice when you need it.

NHS approved guidance on a wide range of conditions for patients to use before contacting the surgery.

We know that you don’t just need medical support during practice hours and that you may need advice at any time of day. Online Consult gives you 24-hour access to a wealth of health advice, self-care tips and information on your next steps. Plus, you can submit request forms directly to your GP for review if you need further guidance.

Why use Online Consult?

Round the clock advice: Access a wealth of health advice at any time of day or night.

Accurate medical advice: Receive tailored advice and information based on your symptoms.

Less time on the phone: Submit your form online so you spend less time waiting in phone queues.

Clinically approved information: All the advice and information available through Online Consult is clinically approved and provided by medical professionals.

Online Consult currently has 74 health advice topics available covering over 100 health conditions. Each topic includes links to online articles (all presented on the website), quick, bite size videos, plus forms to contact the practice. All health advice topic content and forms are authored by actual clinicians with new topics being published regularly. Online Consult bears the CE mark so patients can rest assured knowing that the clinical content in Online Consult is both trusted and safe.