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Social Prescribing Link Worker for Alrewas Surgery

What is Social Prescribing?

Our health and wellbeing can be affected by many factors and GP’s report that they see many patients who are feeling isolated and lonely, or stressed due to housing, work, financial difficulties or the impact of long term health conditions. Within East Staffordshire there are a team of Social Prescribing Link Workers connected to GP practices who are able to help find opportunities for improving the health and wellbeing of its residents.

How can a Social Prescribing Link Worker help me?

The role of a Social Prescribing Link Worker is to take the time to listen to your concerns and help to connect you with services and activities that might help to improve your health and wellbeing. They may be able to support you to access new activities, a community group or help you to find legal advice or debt help. They may also help you to start a group of your own, such as a ‘men’s shed’, DIY, craft, or growing group. Ultimately everyone has different needs and challenges and we aim to help you to have control over your health and do this in a way that is focussed on what matters to you.

How can a Social Prescribing Link Worker help me during Covid 19?

Shielding, self-isolating and social distancing has been challenging and has left some individuals feeling anxious and worried about leaving the house. We can help to support you through these worries and find ways to help encourage the transition back into communities. In addition we can connect you with professionals and services that can help support you to manage your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Who is the Social Prescribing Link Worker in our community?

The Social Prescriber in your area is Katy Lawrence who is connected to the Alrewas Surgery. You can ask your GP to refer you to the Social Prescribing service, or contact Katy directly via email or telephone:, 07739 090562

A note from Katy

*Please note that due to the current Covid-19 crisis support is being provided over the telephone. But when it is safe to do so I will look forward to being an active part of the Alrewas community.

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