Zero Tolerance

We ask that you treat all practice staff, clinical and non-clinical in a proper manner – with reason, courtesy and respect and without aggression, violence, threat or abuse. We fully endorse the NHS zero tolerance policy and have, with our colleagues in other East Staffordshire Practices, formed a collective policy and procedure in dealing with our patients where this is not adhered to.  This includes raising concerns with patients to help manage expectations and to address challenging and unreasonable behaviour where appropriate.

Anyone calling or attending the practice who displays abusive and aggressive behaviour, or repeated unreasonable behaviour, towards any staff member or any other patient, be it verbally, physically or in any threatening manner, will risk being removed from our patient list and be reallocated with the assistance of NHS England. In extreme case we may summon the Police to remove offenders from the Practice premises.

This policy and process does not affect your right to complain.