Online Services

If you already have a Patient Access account, you can sign in using the button below:

Patients aged 16 years and older can request online access to their medical records themselves and in doing so, you will have responsibility for protecting your own registration details and password.

When you have an Online Services account you can:

  • Book & cancel appointments
    A selection of Dr appointments are available to book online.
    Due to the variety of treatments offered by our nursing team, appointments need to be booked via reception to ensure you have the correct length of appointment you need. Therefore, these are not currently available to book on-line.
  • View and order your repeat prescriptions
    Please be aware that you can only order medication from your current repeat medication list. Requests for items which are not on your repeat list or medication you have not had in the last 12 months will need to be discussed with a doctor prior to ordering. This is for your safety.
  • View parts of your medical record
    including Test Results and Immunisations

Telephone appointments will be morning or afternoon.  Though you have book a specific time for your appointment when booking online, please be advised that this is NOT the time the Dr will call. Unfortunately this is because of the way the online booking system is set up and we are unable to change it.

How to Register for Online Services or Request More Access

To get an Online Services account you need to register – details below.

You also need to complete a form and provide ID, as detailed below, if you:

  • already have an account but cannot access certain options
  • have partially registered online and require details to link your account to the surgery.

This is what we need for you to register, gain more access or get linkage details:

  • A completed and signed Online Access Application Form (link below)
  • We also need sight of 2 forms of ID:
    – copy of a photo ID: passport or driving licence
    – copy of a document showing name & address dated in the last 4 months

You can either print/copy and post your completed form & ID in the letterbox outside the surgery or you can send electronically to (as attachments or photos)

  • Each person who requests their own online account must have a unique e-mail address – you cannot share an email address with anyone else

Link to Online Patient Application Form

Link to Online Patient Information leaflet